The Mystery Shopping Academy
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186 92 Vallentuna, Sweden
Tel. +46 8 5118 5111
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Veronica Boxberg Karlsson
Owner Better Business World Wide

Location: Sweden, Europe
Languages: English and Swedish
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Aftab Anwar
Owner Startex Marketing

Location: Pakistan, Asia/Pacific
Languages: English and Hindi
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Mark Michelson
Owner Threads

Location: Atlanta, North America
Langauge: English
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Stella Susskind
Owner ShopperExperience

Location: Brazil, Latin America
Languages: English and Portugese
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Myriam Monetti
Owner ShopnChek, Argentina

Location: Argentina, Latin America
Languages: English and Spanish
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Oksana Aulchenkova
Owner Nextep Group

Location: Russia, Europe
Languages: English and Russian
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Hans Smith
Owner Mystery Review

Location: The Netherlands, Europe
Languages: English and Dutch
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Mike Bare
Owner Bare International

Location: Washington, North America
Langauge: English
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Steven di Pietro
Owner Service Integrity Mystery Shopping

Location: Australia, Asia/Pacific
Language: English
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